Therms of business

To start cooperation, complete the registration form. Access to purchases is activated after verification of the application.

Each client who starts cooperation with SMJ sport will receive:

  • 5% discount

The 5% discount will be kept permanently. The rebate in the following year (higher than 5%) depends on the turnover in the previous year. The financial year is counted from January 1 to December 31.


Traditional cooperation:

  • Turnover over 200,000 PLN net - negotiated individually
  • Turnover between 80,000-200,000 PLN net - 12%
  • Turnover between 40,000-79,999 PLN net -11%
  • Turnover between 20,000-39,999 PLN net - 10%
  • Turnover between 10,000-19,999 PLN net - 9%
  • Turnover between 5,000-9,999 PLN net - 8%
  • Turnover below  5,000 PLN net - 5%

New rebate thresholds will be calculated within 30 days from the end of the financial year. If a higher rebate threshold is worked out before the end of the financial year, the customer may ask the wholesalers to change the discount.


  • Date of payment:

The orders are processed only after prepayment.


  • Shipping cost:

Delivery costs outside of Poland are set individually.


  • EU invoice:

The EU invoice may be issued only for shipments outside the Poland.


  • Account blocking:

The account will be blocked if during the last 12 months, no order has been made. To make an order in that situation, you must re-register as a warehouse customer.  


  • Change of business terms:

Terms of business are subject to change. The wholesale customers will be informed about the changes on the e-mail address indicated in the registration form 14 days before their introduction.